Our East Tilbury Nursery was last inspected on 22 June 2017 and the outcome was OUTSTANDING.

Some of the comments made at the time of inspection are: -

  • Children thrive in this safe and stimulating nursery because the staff team take the time to get to know the children and their families well.
  • Children are effectively safeguarded because there are robust recruitment procedures to ensure all adults working with the children are suitable to do so. The premises are secure and CCTV systems operate to prevent unauthorised access and ensure children cannot leave unnoticed.
  • Children have access to a wide range of stimulating resources and play materials that are stored in low-level transparent boxes in each of the playrooms.
  • Children benefit from the good relationships between the nursery staff and their parents. Information is openly shared and parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning.
  • Beautifully presented progress reports and profiles are compiled with many positive observations of children’s artwork.
  • There are plenty of activities offered each day that encourage children and babies to observe, experiment, explore and predict their findings through practical, firsthand experience.
  • Children feel a strong sense of belonging to the nursery.
  • A healthy lifestyle is also encouraged through good hygiene routines and by offering freshly cooked meals and nutritious snacks.

For a full copy of this report please go to www.Ofsted.Gov.uk

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