Our vision is for our settings to be safe happy places where all children flourish and grow in a positive, friendly, and language rich learning environment.

We promote equality, diversity and British Values which are at the heart of our ethos.

We come together as strangers, and leave as friends.











At Little Angels we have a unique management structure, that guarantees that every child is given exactly the same standards of care and education.

Our Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager and Early Years Teacher divide their time between our Nurseries to share their knowledge and expertise.

Parents/ carers can make an appointment to chat to any of our Management Team at whichever Nursery is convenient at a time to suit.




Charlotte Wheaton, Manager
N.V.Q level 5

Charlotte has spent her whole career at Little Angels, and over a 20 year period has worked with every age group from 6 weeks to 11 years, so has a wealth of knowledge and experience, in each area.

Her love of the outdoors shines through, and is a fundamental part of Nursery life, each of the prime areas of learning has been cleverly replicated for outdoor play.

Described by Ofsted as an ‘inspirational Manager’ Charlotte was promoted to the position 3 years ago, and achieved an OUTSTANDING rating at our East Tilbury Nursery at her first inspection as Manager.




Tracey Calleja, Senior Deputy Manager
N.V.Q level 5

Tracey has worked in private Nurseries in London and Essex over a 20 year period, joining Little Angels 10 years ago, and is a vital part of the team. Her larger than life personality is balanced with her obvious passion for her role in supporting all children and families who attend Little Angels.

Tracey has also been awarded the ‘Portage Principal’’ in recognition of her work with children with Special Needs, as the Nursery SENCO Tracey works tirelessly to help and support families of children with special needs during their time at Nursery.








Tatia Singleton, MA
Early Years Teacher

Tatia is an integral part of our management team, as head of early years, her main role is to further support and encourage our Room leaders to challenge the children to reach their full potential.

Tatia has a Masters degree level 7, having already attained a BA in Childhood Studies with Early Years Professional Status.

She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge to create innovative and exciting learning opportunities for the children.

Since joining us she has qualified as a toddler and preschool yoga instructor, and as well as introducing yoga sessions within the structured learning environment she will be extending invitations for parents to join in too.

She will work across all Nurseries, and all age groups, so that every child in each nursery are given the same standards of support and education





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