Yoga for Toddlers

Our early years teacher has trained extensively to safely and expertly deliver a dynamic yoga
experience for our toddlers and pre school children.

The benefits of yoga for young children are well documented, not only does it support physical
development but also enhances emotional well being.

Yoga is a complete form of exercise in a safe and non-competitive environment. It is a particularly
good way for children to exercise on rainy days and benefits both their mind through focusing on
the breathing and visualisation techniques and their bodies through the posture work.

At Little Angels we use our bodies to tell a story, using well loved or exciting new books to act out
the characters and actions, by doing this asanas (poses) are meaningful to the children and helps
them stay interested and motivated in the practise.

We vary the pace so that there are plenty of opportunities for hopping, stretching, balancing and
sitting quietly, and help maintain children’s natural flexibility.

This is a lovely way that a physical activity can also foster a love of literacy and reading so keeping
the body and mind fit and healthy.

We also practise Pranayama ( breathing techniques) that can assist children in learning to self
regulate their emotions and relax their bodies. This together with mindfulness and guided
meditation, promotes calm and feelings of peacefulness that children can call upon in other
aspects of their lives.

Yoga Benefits for children when they take regular sessions:

• Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels.
• Relaxation techniques clear the mind, allowing for better memory retention.
• Posture helps recharge a weak immune system and strengthen the core stabilising muscles of the
abdomen and back.
• Posture work helps to tone the body and reduce the rising levels of childhood obesity.
• Yoga maintains a child's natural flexibility, which can begin to shut down from a surprisingly
young age.
• Classes develop creativity and self-expression, along with self-confidence through vocalisation
• Certain yoga postures are designed to release day to day anxieties such as separation issues,
lethargy and negativity.
• It promotes healthy sleeping patterns and allows children to explore their intuitive nature


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